How To Restore iPhone Contacts, Deleted Text Messages and Data Without Backup

How To Restore iPhone Contacts, Deleted Text Messages and Deleted Data Without Backup

Why we save phone number in our phone instead of remembering them in our brain or keeping a list of manually hand-written note? Because, it’s easy to save digitally over the phone memory, through some clicks and types. However, the trouble arises when our invaluable Phone Contacts lost in some cases e.g. lost mobile, failed iOS update or factory reset, mistakenly delete etc.

How To Restore iPhone Contacts Without Backup

Here are some tips for you to recover iPhone Contacts even if you don’t have any backup!

Method 01: Recover iPhone Contacts Via iCloud

Let’s enter into the iCloud website to your computer. At this point, hit the Contact Option to check either the phone numbers exist or now.

Enter iCloud For Recovering iPhone Contacts Via iCloud

This shows positive result once if you set up iCloud Sync. If all set, now you have three ways as below:

Way 01: This is the ever-simple way. Start synchronizing your iPhone with the iCloud contact numbers. Presently, go to your iPhone > Setting > iCloud > Turn the contact button on.

Turn on iCloud Contacts on iPhone for Restoring iPhone Contacts

At last, the contacts will be loading from iCloud to iPhone.

Way 02: Another fascinating way for you! In support of this, you need to export all the iCloud contacts to your computer. Select all the contact numbers thru Ctrl+A (Comand+A for Mac).

Export all icloud Contacts to vcard browser

Then, you can click to the CogWheel that exists to the bottom left corner side.

Export iCloud Contacts to PC

The procedure is almost finishing now with the selection to Export vCard option, save as vCard(.vcf) file format.

Way 03: One more way left for you. You need to sign in to the to retrieve the iPhone’s contact numbers. Select setting→ Tap Advance→ Restore contacts now, and finished!

Successfully Restore iPhone Contacts from icloud

Method 02: Rescue Your Contact Numbers Through iPhone Message App

This trick that only a few people know can help to recover some of the iPhone contacts – at least the ones you often keep contact with. (Step by step)

  • Tap on the iPhone Messages and create a new message.
  • In the “To” field, type the name or number of the contact that you deleted from the phone book.
  • Most probably the contact info of number and name will pop and then tap the “i” circle to Create New Contact based on the number.

iPhone contact suggestions recover Through iPhone Message App

All the people are not tech savvy. But there is a very easy and simple tricky way to rescue your iPhone contact numbers. Minimum, those contacts you use frequently. The methods are as described below: (Step by step)

  • Open the message app, attempt to create a message
  • Can you remember the number? If not type at least name in ‘To’ field
  • There is a great possibility to pop up the name and contact info.

iphone create new contact for Restoring iPhone Lost Contacts

If it appears, click ‘I’ circle to make a new contact on the basis of the phone number.

Method 03: Retrieve iPhone Contact From Google Contacts or Other Cloud-Based Services

Are you a cautious mobile phone user? Did you ever sync the mobile numbers to the Google contacts or any other places like cloud services?

If yes, follow the steps shown beneath:

Retrieve iPhone Contacts from Google Contacts or Other Cloud-Based Services

  • Flip to the Setting option→ Mail/Contact/Calendar→ Add account→ Either google or any other cloud-based service
  • Firstly, enter your Gmail address with password→ Sign in→ Allow
  • Finally, switch on the Contacts→ Save in the upper top corner.

Method 4: Recover Lost Contacts From iPhone/iTunes With Freeware

Good news! If you don’t like the above methods to rescue your lost content, then there is a sophisticated way to recover your contact. Go to the, this is completely free software ease your life. It also retrieves photos, messages, audios, videos, docs, pdf, WhatsApp and any other data type that iPhone contains. It’s high time to download the handy software and try it from right now!

Ways To Restore Disappeared Contacts on iPhone:

Recover Lost Contacts From iPhone iTunes With Freeware

  • Process 1: Install and launch the free iPhone recovery software. Then Select the Contact as file type
  • Process 2: Now connect your lovely phone to the computer. This freeware’s the ability to detect the most matched iTunes backup.
  • Process 3: Scan now, after that you have the ability to recover, export the deleted contact information at any of text, CSV, vCard, HTML file format.

How To Recover iPhone Deleted Text Messages Without Backup: Simple Solution

A text message is a valuable file format to save and to use it from time to time. Messages can be the commercial, personal, promotional value those come over the period. It creates a dilemma when somehow it lost.

How To Recover iPhone Deleted Text Messages Without Backup

To make it flexible to backup the iPhone messages without backup, you can follow the pro beneath mentioned procedures:

  • System A: Download the Enigma recovery software at first. On completion of the installation procedure, now simply open it at the desktop to start using.
  • System B: What kind of device do you use for example Laptop, Desktop? Whatever the machine is connect the phone with the USB cable. Possibly, you need to authenticate the connection thru clicking Trust at the iPhone.
  • System C: Start scanning your iPhone for both lost and having existence messages. As you are scanning only for the message, it will take a short span of time.
  • System D: Upon completion scanning process you will notice partly erased and remaining messages, if the software becomes in a free version. On the other hand, when it comes with the premium version, you have the power to do anything including to save them to the desktop.

How to Recover iPhone Data Without Backup: A Contemporary Guide

How to Recover iPhone Data Without Backup

Data losing from iPhone is a common phenomenon for almost all users. But the trouble shows when there’s no backup yet to restore them. Generally, accident never alarms before occurring. Even, the phone can be theft unluckily, suddenly may dead internal memory, unexpectedly burst the battery or much worse stuff can happen.
Steps to Recover Lost iPhone Data without Backup

I have researched the many factors on how to recover iPhone data without backup, those will be described below elaborately. It is seen commonly seen that people don’t back up their phone’s data on a regular basis. Whenever the unusual accident arises, they look for the ways to recover files, folders, apps etc. In this case, what should we do to restore lost data on iPhone, iTunes, iCloud except any backup?

#1. Select Lost File Type & Connect Your iOS Device to The Computer

Select Lost File Type & Connect Your iOS Device to The Computer

Don’t be worried about your lost data. You are going to recover them now. In this term, simply install the iOS apps, and open the program for data recovery purpose. Now, click the ‘Start’ option on the iOS tab. After that, you will notice File Types to choose, that the retrieval software will recover the lost data. Just select the necessary file, promptly the iOS recovery tool will connect to the computer.

#2. Scan iOS Device To Find The Lost Data On iPhone

 Scan iOS Device To Find The Lost Data On iPhone

I am going to show you another way to retrieve your invaluable data. Click the ‘scan’ option, the recovery tool will start working immediately. A precious scan will reduce the time for backing up the loosen data. If you don’t have, please wait with patience and see what’s happening!

#3. Preview The Data Shown, Then Recover Them

Preview The Lost iPhone Data Shown Then Recover Them

The iMyfone D-Back show all the lost content to your interface hit the specific data to recover from the item under the categories. Upon fixing the definite data, click the recover button, create a new folder to restore the things you already found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Software Recover X I Deleted X Ago?

It mainly depends on time how much already spent. The more time it passed, there’s more possibility to overwrite. As it bases on the content overwritten or perfectly not. To save your money, let’s have a dive first with a Trial version so that you can see it finds the data you lost.

Can I See The Lost Data With The Free Trial Version?

Undoubtedly yes! You are able to see only the preview of missing data. Whenever you need to recover or save content, you need to buy a premium version.

Is There Any Chance To Be Restored My Data On iMyFone Server Or Any Other Places By Using D-Back Software?

Absolutely not. Authority of iMyFone guarantee you not keeping any information of any user thru using D-Back software. The content will restore only to your computer.

Could I Install D-Back To The iPhone or iPad?

There is no chance. Because D-Back is designed for Computer for instance Windows or Mac only not for mobile or any other devices. For this reason, you can not install it in iPhone or iPad.

Final Takeaway

So, just three steps and a few minutes, you can find the lost iPhone data with iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery! No worries any more when you lose your data in the future!

And now, the trial version of the iMyFone iPhone data recovery or iMyFone iPhone data recovery for Mac (fully compatible with iOS 11) is offered for free and users can figure out whether their lost data can be found back or not by trial. Just give it a shot.

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